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Fueling Futures, Igniting Dreams

The SUPER Cup is an emergent youth tournament project, catering to both boys and girls aged U15 to U23. In this exciting tournament format, every participating team is guaranteed two games. The competition follows a structure that includes semi-finals and finals, ensuring intense matches
This event is perfect for an extended 6-7 day stay, with a two-day break between matches to prioritize player rest and recovery. The SUPER Cup takes place in San Pedro del Pinatar and is organized in collaboration with our esteemed partner, the Pinatar Arena Football Center

As a testament to its growing reputation, the SUPER Cup attracts scouts and talent evaluators, offering players potential pathways to higher levels of competition.Through its commitment to youth development and excellence, the SUPER Cup continues to elevate the standards of youth football tournaments worldwide.


Beyond the field, the SUPER Cup promotes cultural exchange and camaraderie among players from different backgrounds and regions.The tournament’s inclusive approach welcomes teams from various nations, enriching the experience for all involved.